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Why I don't buy store bought Hummus

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Almost all store bought Hummus contains preservatives. The most common one found in Hummus is Potassium Sorbate (202).

Potassium Sorbate was shown in studies to cause: - contact dermatitis, - asthma, - eczema, - DNA-damaging activity when mixed with vitamin C, and - behaviour problems in children such as hyperactivity.

🍴It is super easy to make your own and you avoid any nasties!

Just throw in a food processor/blender👇 - 400g can of chickpeas - 1/3 cup of olive oil - 2-3 cloves of roasted garlic (game changer) - Juice of a lemon and rind - Salt and pepper - Tahini if you have it (I have used peanut butter when pregnant) - Any spices if you like. I added smoked paprika today.

Blend until smooth. Then enjoy!

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