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Super powers of bone broth that might surprise you

We love making our own bone broth and canning it. Not only do we reduce waste and cost, but we also reap it’s many benefits 🥕🦴🧅

There soo are many good reasons you should totally get into making your own bone broth! 🙌🏼

Bone broth is nutrient dense and contains such goodies as

- minerals like zinc, iron, boron, manganese, and selenium

- omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids

- amino acids

- chondroitin

- glucosamine

- glutamine, and

- proline and hyaluromic acid.

These goodies have many health benefits that may surprise you!

The amino acids found in bone broth such as glycine are known to help fight inflammation, significantly improve quality of sleep, mental function and memory. It is also a known preventive to many diseases such as cancer.

One study found glycine significantly improved someone having sleeping difficulties ability to get to sleep, maintain deeper sleep and wake less throughout the night.

Glutamine found in bone broth is also shown to help maintain the lining of the gut and protect against leaky gut syndrome. A great protector against inflammation.

I saved the best for last 🥰 Bone Broth benefits get even better! The proline and hyaluronuc acid also contained in bone broth have shown to reduce the effects of skin aging! How awesome is that 😘

Let me know if you would love me to share how we make our broth or can it so the whole process free from plastics! 🤍


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1 Comment

Phillippa Kingi
Phillippa Kingi
Oct 18, 2023

Id love to know your recipe and canning tips!

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