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Reduction in cancer risk seen when eating a high organic diet

A recent study found that eating a diet high in organic foods reduced the risk of cancer by an amazing 25%. The most impressive reduction was seen for postmenopausal breast cancer, non-hodgkins lymphoma and other lymphomas.

Sadly, cancer is the one of the leading causes of death worldwide and there is a growing body of evidence to show a link between pesticide usage and cancer.

This is one of the many reasons why I advocate for investing in eating organic where possible. As wouldn’t it be awesome if we could reduce our risk of disease! Even better protect the health of our future generations and environment through supporting organic businesses to grow!

Keep an eye out as I will cover more reasons why you should think about switching to organic where possible 💙

Drop a 💚 if you already eat organic foods or a 💙 if you are thinking about making the switch 😊


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