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Our everyday bread recipe

(no breadmaker required)

1 cup of warm water Add 1 tsp of yeast and 2 tsps of sugar

Let proof. Cover with a tea towel. Add to your mixing bowl 5 cups of flour (we use our own ground wholemeal, but most flours work) 1 tsp of salt

Additional water as needed (generally one more cup depending on the flour you use)

Once yeast is proofed. Add this. Turn mixer on low to combine. Add warm water until the dough starts to come away from the sides. Then turn the mixer speed up*. Mix on the highest speed you can between 5-10 minutes. Depends on your mixer of course, but you want a well formed dough.

You can also do this by hand. I did in the beginning. But, naturally it just takes longer. Then cover and place in a warm space. After the dough has roughly doubled in size (about 45 mins, heat dependant) knead again for 5/10 mins. Place in a loaf tin. Let it rise again for 45 mins then bake at 180c for approx 30 mins.

Some side notes that I have discovered over the last few years of making bread

*You can add more yeast or less depending on room temperature, I tend to add more in winter just stick to the above ratio. 1 tsp of yeast to 2 tsps of sugar

* Might be worth checking the highest speed you can do bread in your mixer to make sure you don't void any warranty

Let me know if you know if you give it a go or have any questions :-)

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