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How to support your body to detoxify naturally

One of the major errors of my youth was taking my body for granted. I simply did not look after myself and suffered the consequences health wise by developing Graves Disease as result of heavy metal toxicity. It is what living off a pack of pies, chicken mc cheeses or tuna toasties can do to you along with drinking and smoking! Yes, that was the ‘old’ me believe it or not. However, slightly embarrassing to admit.

It is so important that we look after our body‘s ability to naturally detox as it is almost impossible to completely avoid toxins in day to day living. If we don't, the mechanisms in our body responsible for eliminating toxins become defective allowing for pollutants, xenobiotics (food additives, pesticides, carcinogens etc), and heavy metals to accumulate.

Here are some steps you can easily do now and things I wish I had known in my youth to help support your body to be a detox powerhouse.

1. Food

Food is the number one way you can support your body to detoxify. I feel like I bang on a little too much about food and its importance, but it is well established eating a nutrient rich diet of protein, fruits, and vegetables will help support your body's natural detoxification processes.

Another great step to supporting your powerhouse is to reduce your sugar intake. Research shows that high sugar intake is linked to poor liver function. The liver is one of the key organs in our body that enables the filtration of toxins. You want it working at its optimum level by having good inputs and not being weighed down by sugar, alcohol or unnecessary toxins such as preservatives or synthetic pesticides in your food.

2. Gut Microbes

In a recent review of research it was shown that improving microbes in the gut can lower the body burden of pollutants and assist the body detoxification process. As the digestive tract is also another area where waste is excreted and removed from the body it is also important we eat a diet rich in fibre and foods that have a prebiotic effect. Especially important are crucuferious vegetables such as broccolil, kale and cabbage to name a few.

In fact, one study found that the traditional Mexican diet is rich in foods with prebiotic effects (prebiotics support the balance of your gut microbes). This includes food such as beans, bananas, orange and quelite that were shown to cause a person to more effectively remove toxins from their body including arsenic and fluoride.

It is also helpful to take a probiotic to ensure you’re nurturing your gut microbes daily to help support the bodies detoxification processes.

3. Hydrate

Hydration is the key ingredient used for our bodies to filter out waste whether that is through our kidneys, GI tract or breathing. It is really important that we drink enough water to help support these natural detoxification processes. Without it how are we expected to excrete these toxins?

The bottom line

Although simple, these steps are key to helping support your body's natural detoxification process and help to avoid the array of health issues associated with the accumulation of toxins such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases, neuro-degenerative disease, and respiratory diseases. It is important to implement a diet rich in wholefoods and gut supporting goodness and keeping hydrated to help to support your bodies detoxification powerhouse! The effects will be life long!

What have you implemented or want to start doing to help support your body's natural detoxification processes?


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