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Getting out in nature is a must do for all aspects of health

Studies show getting out in nature is not just a nice to do, but is a must do to help support your mental and physical health.

There is a growing body of evidence that shows nature has an all round positive effect on all aspects of your health - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A recent review of literature showed that there was evidence for associations between exposure to nature and improved

💭cognitive function,

🧠brain activity,

🩸blood pressure,

😊mental health,

👟physical activity, and


So how much time should you be getting outside in nature?

One study showed those who spent at least 2 hours a week in nature reported good health and psychological well-being compared to those who didn’t. Interestingly, anything less than 2 hours showed no real benefit.

Now I am not recommending climbing a mountain pregnant as I did in the pic 😅 (only my hubby would have me doing this 😂) but, just going for a walk or digging your feet into the sand at the beach at least two hours a week is a must do task to help support your over all health.

What do you do to get out to enjoy nature?


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