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Food Packaging Associated With Early Death

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

You read that right!

The group of chemicals called phthalates, also known as plasticizers, have been associated with the early death of between 91,000 to 107,000 older adults in the US each year. Image what the number would be like worldwide!

Phthalates are most commonly used to make plastic more flexible and harder to break.

Unfortunately, a major source of exposure to phthalates is through food. They are known to leach into food products via the plastic found in food packaging 😳 As well as, through pesticide usage.

Phthalates also make cosmetics and personal care products more useful because they increase absorption into the skin. They increase the retention of color, which is great for nail polish and lipstick. And they hold odor, so anything fragrant has phthalates! 🤢

Concerning given they have been linked to 👇🏻

Hormone disruption


Behaviour and neurodevelopmental issues

Learning disabilities and much much more 😩

Although, it’s almost impossible to completely eliminate phthalates as they are not as restricted in plastics or products as you think. We can do our best to minimise our exposure by avoiding plastic packaged food where you can and making our own food from scratch. Buying spray free or organic. Also, opting for cosmetics and personal care items that do not contain phthalates.

What have you or plan to do to reduce your exposure to phthalates?


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