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Ditch that cute Kmart candle

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

That’s right that pretty scented candle can harm your health and the environment! Candles from places such as Kmart or The Warehouse commonly contain Paraffin wax which when burned release toxic fumes that have been link to asthma and lung cancer. Other common chemical found in candles you should be concerned about: - Benzene when breathed in can cause leukaemia and nerve damage. - Toluene which is an irritant to skin, eyes, and respiratory tract. It can cause systemic toxicity by ingestion or inhalation.

Fear not if you are a candle lover there are great alternatives out there💕One local business that I stumbled across Wicker and Co makes candles from a Plant Based Natural wax. They not only beautiful, but are vegan, 100% natural and burn cleanly releasing no toxic chemicals. A win for your health and the environment. Plus you won’t be supporting big chains that only care about the bottom dollar. Unlike, Wicker & Co who care deeply about sustainability, the environment and health through sourcing only ethical and environmentally friendly products👌


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